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Based on the efforts of many others that have come before me, this kinda feels like Im playing with legos... Sweet Flying legos.


The hardware was all bought from and is probably the cheapest that I could find at the moment. I think for V2 I will actually know what Im looking for a bit, and be able to choose some nice quality components.

Schematics / Layout

Based on the design here Which was in turn based on the design from here

This seems to be a pretty Tried and compact design.


Damnit, I dont know how to put pictures up on here yet by following the instructions on the main page about how I need to sign up for an account and then use "upload file" from the toolbox... :(

Latest News

I got some work done on my tricopters brain tonight.

The circuit board went from an image on my pc to copper on the board.

Now I need some acetone to clean it off, and start soldering some junk on :)

0: Clean your PCB, mine was pretty bad

1: print circuit onto pages cut from a sparkfun catalog.

2: tape them together so that they make a sort of pocket with the circuit on the inside.

3: put pcb in pocket and use ripped apart laminator to fuse the toner to the board.

4: soak in water for a while until the catalog starts getting mushy and rub it off(gently)

5: throw in your etchant of choice(mine is HCL and Peroxide)

6: rinse and see if you did it right :)