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Brandon is spearheading the creation of a 3D printer for the Makery, specifically a Prusa Mendel.

9/1/2011, Wow, nobody updates this. We have a functional printer. Successfully printed several parts, and seems quite reliable. We are in the process of upgrading the y-plate to a heated bed and linear bearings. Also, end-stops are to be added shortly to facilitate auto homing.

As of 5/4/2011, we have a frame built out of the allthread and plastic parts. Currently accepting donations for electronics, motors, and remaining smooth rods.

As of 4/24/2011, we're pending getting the allthread for this project.

Brandon has decreed that this will be a pseudo-SAE conversion, all the threaded rod will be 5/16-18 (coarse thread). Per the official parts list, we need 6 x 1 meter sticks, most of which leave around 50mm per stick. What this really means is that we probably need 4' sticks, as 3'ers won't cut it.

Brandon further points out that 3' or so of this should be Stainless (or something else excessively straight and true) for the Z leadscrews.


Threaded Rod

Materials list says:

6 x 37 cm -
4 x 30 cm - 
3 x 44 cm -
2 x 21 cm 
1 x  5 cm -

I (Dave K) picked up two 6' rods and two 3' rods.

182 : 3 x 44cm, 1 x 37cm, 1 x 5cm : waste  8 cm
182 : 1 x 30cm, 4 x 37cm          : waste  4 cm
 91 : 1 x 30cm, 1 x 37cm          : waste 24 cm 
 91 : 3 x 30cm                    : waste  1 cm

Polished Rod

We need 6 segments of 5/16" (8mm) polished steel rod, lengths as follows:

2x 16.5"
2x 16"
2x 13"

We Have:

18" (Brandon)
16.5" (Kevin)
2@ ~14" & 2@ 18"(Dave)

I have a 36" piece that's not terribly polished, but could probably work, if we can't find something better.KevinFu 16:58, 26 April 2011 (PDT)


Dave picked up a 36" length of 5/16" drill rod at the 90th and Maple Fastenal store (a great place to get various materials). I cut it in half and installed it as the X axis. The guy at Fastenal also donated a couple of scrap 20" pieces of zinc plated all-thread which I thought might be useful for the Z axis. They aren't as smooth as stainless rod, but they are straight and fairly smooth after running a threading die over them. DaveK


Limit Switches

Per a discussion with Brandon, we have a matched set of 4 opto-interrupters, complete with onboard connectors. KevinFu 21:21, 25 April 2011 (PDT)



Cost Breakdown


4x$13 pololu A4988 stepper drivers $52 + shipping

$11 board price(from JoeM on the reprap forum )

$30ish +shipping (-salvaged bits) Electronic support components from mouser

= $100ish total


5x nema17 motors (around $75)

2x Belts($10ish)

various bolts and nuts(probably salvage, or already at the space)

Hot end parts(will need to decide what design we want to use)

= $100-125 depending on what we can salvage and build.

Upgrades :)

Automated build platform

One of these, or similar would be nice to have. And a titanium belt would be awesome.