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currently NOT a spambot free-for-all! Your DELETES will stick.

Please feel free to add any projects and pictures of projects that you are currently working on. Until it's an issue, this is completely open and editable by anyone. However, if you want to upload a file, you need to make an account. Also, when posting images, use the |thumb tag in order to avoid a huge image. Unless that's what you're going for.

Don't worry about page layout. The more defaults, the better. They work well. That's why they're the defaults.

If you are looking for any help with using schematic software such as gEDA, let the group know. We have several members who are familiar with the software.


ROBOT ARMS - Reactivation of acquired robot arms.

OpenPLC - an effort to create a PLC-like interface to a control board.

MakeryMill - Get the CNC milling machine up and running.

Geiger Counter Kit - An amateur effort to make a geiger counter for fun and profit.

Tricopter - An attempt to make an RC copter having 3 blades.

Laser Cutter

Makery Mendel - Technically a Prusa Mendel, but that's not alliterative

Player Guitar - The name really says it all.

PTZ Camera - Controlling a commercial PTZ dome video camera

Tacit Glove - Construction of a Tacit Ultrasonic glove for the blind

DIY Bio Gear - Building or improvising equipment for biological experimentation

Makery Monitoring Microcontroller - System for publishing sensors and controls to the web

Magic Picture - Using a Raspberry Pi to build an intelligent picture frame for a child's room

Eventorbot 3D Printer - Building a 3D Printer

PiCy - Assembling an PiCy Robot Kit

ATX Breakout Board - ATX Power Supply Breakout Board

Surface Mount Reflow Oven - Repurpose a toaster oven to do reflow soldering