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Project Goal

  1. one Using a RaspberryPi and a LCD computer monitor, build a kiosk type unit that display family pictures, weather, and other material suitable for a child's room.
  2. two Bonus Points: Make the unit voice interactive.

Bill of Materials

  • 1 Rasperry Pi Computer
  • 1 4MB or larger SDHC Card (Operating system for the Raspberry Pi)
  • 1 Power Supply for the Raspberry Pi (more details needed)
  • 1 Video cable for the Raspberry Pi
  • 1 LCD monitor with DVI-in Port and Power cable
  • 1 USB Wireless Ethernet Dongle (more details needed)
  • 1 Raspian or other Raspberry Pi OS image
  • 1 Case for Raspberry Pi. (I printed one, details and pictures soon)