ATX Breakout Board

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Project Explanation

Breakout board for computer ATX power supply. Good for electronics prototyping. Breaks out -12V, 3.3V, 5V, and GND. Also has an adjustable voltage output, up to about 10V and 2 USB charging ports.

ATX Photo.jpg

Original design was from this site, which was based on the Dangerous Prototypes build.


ATX Schematic.png


ATX Board.png


SCH and PCB files are stored in my GitHub

Bill of Materials

Part Number Description Quantity Cost Total Cost Part Labels Source Comments
507-1500-1-ND 1.1A PTC Resettable Fuse 4 0.19 0.76 F1,F2,F3,F4 Digikey With the size of the copper pours on this board, you could probably get 3-4 amps. I don't normally need that much current for my projects so I put in 1.1A fuses. If you wanted more current, you could get higher value fuses or just put a solder bridge over the fuse pads.
LM317TGOS-ND 1.5A Adjustable Linear Regulator 1 0.57 0.57 Digikey The LM317 is only capable of delivering 1.5A to the ADJ terminal.
296-37668-1-ND USB Charge Controller IC 1 1.87 1.87 U2 Digikey
AE9923-ND USB Female Socket 2 0.63 1.26 X1,X2 Digikey
PTV09A-4225F-B102-ND 1K Ohm 9MM Sq Pot 1 0.79 0.79 ADJ Digikey The original instructions called for a 2K Ohm pot (PTV09A-4020F-B202-ND) and a 330 Ohm resistor for R2, but Digikey was out of the 2K pots when I ordered. I ended up using a 1K Ohm pot and a 150 Ohm resistor for R2. This causes ADJ to peak at 10.5V instead of 10.75V.
CW179-ND Pushbutton Switch 1 0.54 0.54 SW1 Digikey For some reason I ordered a momentary switch (CW180-ND) but it appears this board needs an On-On switch. CW179-ND should work fine.
475-1410-1-ND LED Green 0805 5 0.068 0.34 LED2, LED3, LED4, LED5, LED6 Digikey Qty 10 pricing
475-1415-1-ND LED Red 0805 2 0.07 0.14 LED1, LED7 Digikey Qty 10 pricing
1276-1007-1-ND 0.1uF 0805 Capacitor 2 0.031 0.062 C1, C3 Digikey Qty 10 pricing
1276-1246-1-ND 1uF 0805 Capacitor 1 0.045 0.045 C2 Digikey Qty 10 pricing
S1011EC-20-ND 0.1" 6 Pin Male Header 1 0.46 0.46 JP1 Digikey
0.1" 3 Pin Male Header 0 0 0 JP2 Digikey The 6 pin header line above has enough pins to also cover the 3 pin.
311-3.30KCRCT-ND 3.3K Ohm 0805 Resistor 5 0.021 0.105 R1, R8, R3, R4, R6 Digikey Qty 10 pricing
311-150CRCT-ND 150 Ohm 0805 Resistor 1 0.021 0.021 R2 Digikey Qty 10 pricing
311-10.0KCRCT-ND 10K Ohm 0805 Resistor 1 0.021 0.021 R7 Digikey Qty 10 pricing
PRT-09498 ATX Connector - Right Angle 1 1.95 1.95 Sparkfun I think WM1362-ND is the Digikey equivalent, but I just don't know for sure. Their picture is the wrong angle.
YAG1134-ND 9W Power Resistor 0 1.66 0 R9 Digikey Not needed in my case. May only be needed for older ATX supplies where they need a load to supply power.
311-1.20KCRCT-ND 1.2K Ohm 0805 Resistor 1 0.021 0.021 R5 Digikey Qty 10 pricing
4mm hole binding post 6 0.8 4.8 3V3, 5V, GND, 12V, ADJ, -12V Ebay Found an 8 pack for $4.80 on ebay
593002B00000G-ND Board level heatsink 1 0.67 0.67 Digikey